Embracing Biomimicry in Visual Design 

Biomimicry is a practice that looks to nature and how it functions as inspiration for designs or processes. Throughout the years, biomimicry has been implemented in areas like fashion, architecture, product design, yet barely in visual design.

This project explores how we might incorporate biomimicry into visual design practises through a portfolio of experiments exploring these possibilities. These experiments explore the functions and processes of mycelium and mushroom growth, aiming to apply them into the development of typefaces and grid layouts.


How might the functions observed from cultivating mycelium on petri dishes inspire a new typeface?

How could the life cycle of mushroom growth lead to the development of a grid system?

What innovative grid layout concepts could be inspired from the unique structure of the mycelium network?

Visual Communication Honours Project by
Stella Li at the University of Technology Sydney.
    Mentored by Monica Monin, 2023